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Gareth Tristan Evans (AKA The Trunk of Funk)

About The Artist

Born in Singapore, Gareth grew up in a remote North Wales valley and now lives in the North-West of England.

His Asian background, a childhood love of graphic comics, a classics degree and a fascination of street art, have all contributed to his unique signature style. All these stimuli have led him on a personal journey of discovery and experimentation, which has established him as one of the most exciting artists on the contemporary art scene.

Gareth’s work is shaped by his mixed media approach, and although it is presented as ‘wall art’, it has a sculptural quality to it due to its multi-dimensional nature. In pursuit of the ‘beautiful unconventional’, he explores and blends traditional artistic techniques with modern technology, and an industrial laser cutter is just one of the tools sharing space with the more conventional paint brushes and cans of acrylic spray cans in his studio. Combining paint with photography, gold leaf, and elements of collage, (including authentic postage stamps, vintage textiles, French seed packets and Japanese paper), ensures that Gareth’s work has an individuality and uniqueness that sets him apart from his contemporaries, and a beauty that is unsurpassed.


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